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Sense of calm

This is a picture of my little sand garden. I don’t know who bought it. But it is supposed to be calming. Today I met two parts I have not met before. It’s one of those subtle Integrations. From another … Continue reading

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emptying the box

here i am again. lots of voices inside all trying to talk at the same time. so i have made the executive decision to let multiple parts post together. we’ll just see how that goes. could be a mess. could … Continue reading

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host part(s)?

i have a sore point. we talked internally and agreed i could write about it here and ask for other peoples opinions. the concept of “host part(s)”. my internal system doesn’t have any. i’ve looked. spent hours reading stuff about … Continue reading

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unexpected awesomness

sorry no picture of a dragon…. i am not quite sure but i think this is a positive thing. i have come into contact with some more parts inside. my system is very secretive, even from me. so i was … Continue reading

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roller coaster

my internal system is in flux. i keep losing time to little ones who don’t know how to communicate with us. i have had a huge memory recovery recently. so everything is kinda up in the air. i thought things … Continue reading

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when your world turns on its head

i realize i may have been a bit naive. it seemed to me that i had discovered how my internal system works. what was left was to deal with the aftermath of the abuse and life in general.  that seems to … Continue reading

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something i have discovered today is that individual parts can become exhausted. while other parts can be fully rested and ready to be out front.  i remained in the body for a long time yesterday and am now exhausted. but … Continue reading

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mapping the village

hi everyone.  i thought it might be wise to talk about mapping parts. we have done a lot of this in therapy. we mapped our basic layout of parts. who are the main parts. we started with a list. and … Continue reading

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my journey, accepting my dissociative identity disorder and beginning to heal from my childhood of abuse

Hi. this is my first public post. i have been in therapy for about a year and a half. made great progress. i am transitioning therapists. and several of my friends on the world wide web have suggested that i share my … Continue reading

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