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emptying the box

here i am again. lots of voices inside all trying to talk at the same time. so i have made the executive decision to let multiple parts post together. we’ll just see how that goes. could be a mess. could … Continue reading

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in the real world

  it occurred to me this morning that a dragon is a pretty fierce part to have inside.  if  this is the part that i got at such a young age then the abuse must have been very horrific. what … Continue reading

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unexpected awesomness

sorry no picture of a dragon…. i am not quite sure but i think this is a positive thing. i have come into contact with some more parts inside. my system is very secretive, even from me. so i was … Continue reading

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internal defence system

i decided today to talk about my internal defence system. as with any defence system it has its own alarm. its own perception of what is dangerous and what is not. and procedures to follow when any situation becomes too … Continue reading

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