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I have been trying to study. Mostly failing to do so. Prepping but not finishing. Getting most of the way there but not quite making it all the way. It has been a journey of frustration. A very big lesson … Continue reading

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emptying the box

here i am again. lots of voices inside all trying to talk at the same time. so i have made the executive decision to let multiple parts post together. we’ll just see how that goes. could be a mess. could … Continue reading

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my body does not lie

image credit google i have been holding inside so many things.  yet again yesterday something threatened to bring my world crashing down.  sometimes the truth is harder to hear than a lie. i wish my world would just lie to … Continue reading

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Getting off the couch

This post has been inspired by Bourbon. I read her blog crazyinthecoconut.co.uk Bourbon is valiantly trying to kick herself up the ass. I know that came out wrong but just read a little more. She has inspired some of us … Continue reading

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gyno n stuff

image credit: google so i have been to the gyno. we have been to the gyno. what an experience. she is well versed in making sure the client feels safe and trusts her. the problem was. the male parts came … Continue reading

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roller coaster

image credit: wikipedia ok so i am back at the starting line with a new bag of tricks. admittedly i did spend some time curled in a ball on my couch. i earned that, its ok to feel sad and … Continue reading

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dear universe . . .

it is a rare occasion that i get to write anything. there are so many other parts who avidly jump on the laptop and try to wear out its keys as they let the thoughts translate into words. but today … Continue reading

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