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Post integration tangles

As I write this my internal blocker is holding back my name. Since the integrations began is had been a game of guess who inside. I believe the integrations have completed. Partly because everything seems to have calmed down. Partly … Continue reading

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So our big news is that we have begun to find ourselves on the other side of integrations. Most of our adult parts are still integrating inside. All of our little parts have aged, all at once. in conclusion, our … Continue reading

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Shake it off

There is no picture with this post. I cannot show you what I see inside. I have been busy doing stuff today. I built my desk and tidied our room. It looks much bigger now. I got organised about where … Continue reading

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Things are shifting inside again. that familiar feeling that happens when parts finish integrating. A feeling of normal I guess. We begin to function better as a team. I have been very unsettled and afraid during this process. The process … Continue reading

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new littles

I love this picture of a Mia cat. They are so little and cute. I just want to hug them and stroke their soft fur like a cat. We have new littles. It has been a while since a little … Continue reading

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Sense of calm

This is a picture of my little sand garden. I don’t know who bought it. But it is supposed to be calming. Today I met two parts I have not met before. It’s one of those subtle Integrations. From another … Continue reading

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host part(s)?

i have a sore point. we talked internally and agreed i could write about it here and ask for other peoples opinions. the concept of “host part(s)”. my internal system doesn’t have any. i’ve looked. spent hours reading stuff about … Continue reading

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