Life in the super fast lane

So once again life is hitting me at full force. No surprises there. 

F was driving our therapy sessions. So when G briefly came out of retirement we spoke to her about this. And Littles had hugs of course. 

Now things are better with F, which good because everyone had decided to stop therapy if F didn’t change. It’s not like we didn’t try to tell her three times. F just kept cutting us off. 

In better news we have started dating a guy. Which is new for us. As you would expect the teenage girl is all giggly and emotions and its wreaking havock with our stable emotional base. But it’s fun and we like him. We haven’t told him about  us. Not sure if we will. We are good at appearing like one person and more settled in working together. 

That’s all of the big things

Just an update


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1 Response to Life in the super fast lane

  1. Out of the Ashes says:

    Sending love to all! Black Beauty has a new lady friend – did I tell you this already? Her name is Ruby Ann. Big pony hugs to you all!

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