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Tiny ninja of positivity

Today I am very reflective. I have decided to share something that makes me smile. In previous years I have had some bad dealings with people. It has had an effect on how cautious I am towards them and others … Continue reading

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I have been trying to study. Mostly failing to do so. Prepping but not finishing. Getting most of the way there but not quite making it all the way. It has been a journey of frustration. A very big lesson … Continue reading

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The flu

The flu or in other words, run screaming from the body… last out has to look after it! Not impressed. Our time management is finally working and we get the flu. We all hate the flu. Nothing worse than a … Continue reading

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We write this post with a little sadness. As a person who dissociates I know that there are a lot of things I/we don’t know about. Other internal parts have been living their own lives prior to co consciousness. Yesterday … Continue reading

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Littles ageing

it has been a long and hard week for us as a system. Therapy brought out something huge for us. Strengthened our bond with G but shook us to our core at the same time. A large amount of significant … Continue reading

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The body and other strange things

Last night we had a fever, headache and nausea. Normal for a little coming into the body for the first time. It got me thinking about what actually happens in the brain and the body when this occurs. The body … Continue reading

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Little voices squeal “giraffe giraffe” Hands reach out and I feel the little part leap into the body. That yearning and the satisfaction that comes with acquirement. Giraffe is gently pulled close to the body with both hands. His body … Continue reading

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That familiar moment when the stars align and the world conspires against you in every possible way. Just when you think you have had enough a few more things pile on top of you. The light at the end of … Continue reading

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French toast

I have decided to use this picture of a stack of French toast. It’s the last time my, now mostly moved out, housemates and I were not in a toxic situation that leaves me in my room avoiding them. I … Continue reading

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So things have finally calmed down. We don’t normally let littles write posts here. We don’t want to silence them, this has just been a space for adults. I guess they needed some connection. We have a place for them … Continue reading

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