unexpected awesomness

sorry no picture of a dragon….

i am not quite sure but i think this is a positive thing. i have come into contact with some more parts inside. my system is very secretive, even from me. so i was a little surprised but overall happy to find a non human part. probably because it was so awesome to feel it. ladies and gentlemen, i have a dragon. 

once i stopped freaking out i remembered that other people have written about having non human parts in their internal systems. which helped to ground everyone inside who felt a bit shocked.  i wasn’t afraid of this part at any time. which i think is a positive thing. 

i focussed a little more on what was going on inside after this part disappeared. i had just had a new flashback and lot of my little’s had been triggered. i could feel them all gathering around the dragon. i asked some other parts some questions. we seem to be entering a new phase of healing and memory recovery. the dragon is linked to the memories and parts involved in the memories. he is their protector. i can see why they chose a dragon.

so i have access to new memories and now a dragon. the new memories threw my system a little out of whack. the dragon pretty much crushed any denial of what happened or that we are a DID system. you know, in case any one in here was still in denial of that. i just have to say it… how cool is a dragon?

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