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finding my way out of the pit

it has been a rough week. we have been through a massive memory recovery and a giant pit of depression. my couch got a lot of use and so did my new velvety blanket. i have gotten past the shame … Continue reading

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i have been trying to post for a couple of days now. i keep getting interrupted. not by life but by my other internal parts. i get cut off. distracted. switched out. any way to stall me from using my … Continue reading

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dear universe . . .

it is a rare occasion that i get to write anything. there are so many other parts who avidly jump on the laptop and try to wear out its keys as they let the thoughts translate into words. but today … Continue reading

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integration aftermath

this past week has brought about the aftermath of integration within my internal system. there have been a few different reactions from different parts. the first one was shock. a reaction from the core part of the system. being kept … Continue reading

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