mapping the village

hi everyone. 

i thought it might be wise to talk about mapping parts.

we have done a lot of this in therapy. we mapped our basic layout of parts. who are the main parts. we started with a list. and then asked more questions inside to gather more information about how we function. because we don’t know. and it is important to know how our internal system functions.

so we have discovered that we have male and female parts. the male parts make up our defence system. they band together to protect us from perceived threats. we have a few female adult parts who have been taking rostered care of the little ones. we have a male part who was with them during the abuse and for many years after. but he has undergone a lot of changes to fit into the system. and so we have allowed female parts to take care of the little ones.

we also have parts specifically for work they function in our work environments. each with their own specific skills. ensuring a regular, steady income. security and safety.

we will post more tomorrow if we can. now we need to sleep.

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