Sense of calm


This is a picture of my little sand garden. I don’t know who bought it. But it is supposed to be calming.

Today I met two parts I have not met before. It’s one of those subtle Integrations. From another sub system to my active sub system. The thing is, these two parts don’t think they are human. Which I hear is not uncommon in a system of my size.

I feel a bit sad for them. They were clearly exposed to the worst of the torture and abuse. The way they found to cope was to be non human. If they are not human then it didn’t happen to them. Don’t get me wrong, I find their wings and tails fascinating. They bring with them a sense of calming and confidence. My hope is that they have come into the active sub system to move forward a little bit in their healing.

It was discussed at today’s village meeting. A conclusion was reached that they have decided to get in the que to speak with G. After all G did say that everyone would have a chance to be heard. Just one by one. So my theory is that they will speak with G and then maybe shed their (totally awesome) non human forms. Go back to being little parts and then age into adult parts. When they are ready, maybe they will choose to integrate. Maybe not.

I realized as I was telling A (shiatsu therapist) about this that if I hadn’t met my dragon earlier this may have been a scary meeting. Also that it’s nice to have parts who bring a sense of calm with them, like a warm blanket on a cold day.

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1 Response to Sense of calm

  1. Bourbon says:

    Some good progress going on here 🙂 So glad you are able to take these progressions in your stride and keep that head up high…. you’re doing great. Love n hugs xx

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