little ones finding us

my inner little ones pointed out that it might be a good idea to talk about how each of them found the rest of us inside.

after initially being found by our first little one, this process happened again and again. because my internal system has 9 parts under the age of 10 years old. we were very overwhelmed by this knowledge at first. i’ll talk about that a little later.

some little ones would show us feelings. some would show us memories. and some began by talking to us. the feelings were strange but became easier to cope with over time. the memories were particularly hard to deal with as they were more often than not of abuse and quite graphic in content. the talking was a bit of a shock, as little ones have little voices. 

some parts welcomed our inner little ones. other parts wanted nothing to do with them. however, it did not occur to any of us that they would require to be looked after like external children. so they would talk to us or communicate in whatever way they could. and then we would simply go back to what we were doing. this did not turn out to be a great way to deal with the situation.

with the help of our therapist, we learned to be compassionate and nurturing towards our inner little ones. we have an adult part with them at all times. we created a roster so that no one adult part does this all of the time. we have helped them learn how to read and write. they are currently learning how to draw and paint. they have learned social skills with other peoples inner little ones.  as a result of this mental stimulation they have begun to go through developmental stages just like external children. surprisingly, they have begun to age inside. 

this is very exciting. our therapist says this is a good thing. we will write more about this at another time.

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