reactions that are too big

i  recently had several parts react to an event. the initial reaction seemed ok. but then the emotions continued to increase in intensity. the reaction now seemed out of proportion to the event.

so i asked around inside. to find out what was going on. the response was linked to a behaviour learned from a previous event. the parts inside felt that the same thing was happening again. so they simply felt the emotions from both events at the one time. then carried out the same response. this caused much distress in my system.

as a system we know when something is beyond our knowledge to cope with. so we spoke with our therapist. who explained that the parts had been triggered and found the memory that fit the situation the closest. then used this as a guide for an appropriate response to the current situation. we have explained to these parts that the two events are different, and so require different responses. 

we also found new ways to deal with moving forward from events and getting closure. this experience has helped us greatly as a system. we now have some kind of a map as to how to handle this issue should it arise again.

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