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journey down the rabbit hole

again i am nocturnal. this last bout of flashbacks, nightmares and the opening of a memory of abuse has thrown my whole internal system out of whack. when i think i am sleeping,  i awake to find evidence of lost … Continue reading

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i have been looking at the layers inside. not the layers of feelings. not the layers of the body and soul. but the layers of dissociation. the layers of my internal system. how it works and why. what i know … Continue reading

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feelings . . .

today the feelings started. those intense, deep, feelings that drag me down like rocks into the ocean. not the nice fluffy feelings that help me to remember that the world is still beautiful. the feelings connected to the abuse memories. … Continue reading

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flashbacks. a word that can shake even the strongest person. a new cycle has begun. not the most pleasant thing. but it brings with it information.  i have had several cycles of flashbacks over the last couple of years. i … Continue reading

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