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unexpected awesomness

sorry no picture of a dragon…. i am not quite sure but i think this is a positive thing. i have come into contact with some more parts inside. my system is very secretive, even from me. so i was … Continue reading

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rapid switching

i wanted to write about rapid switching. it happens to my internal system when we get stressed. i guess we can’t figure out who is better suited to handle the situation. or maybe everyone thinks they should have a go? … Continue reading

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Jekyll and Hyde

i am Jekyll and Hyde again.  i wake up to find a paper trail of other parts living in my body while i think i am asleep. they buy things on ebay, eat not so good food and one of them smokes. … Continue reading

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roller coaster

my internal system is in flux. i keep losing time to little ones who don’t know how to communicate with us. i have had a huge memory recovery recently. so everything is kinda up in the air. i thought things … Continue reading

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i have been looking at the layers inside. not the layers of feelings. not the layers of the body and soul. but the layers of dissociation. the layers of my internal system. how it works and why. what i know … Continue reading

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being ok with my new internal system

it has been almost a week. i think. of living with the “new to me” internal system. things are not that different. they really aren’t. the knowledge of how my life works is still accessible. i went to work. the … Continue reading

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