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feelings . . .

today the feelings started. those intense, deep, feelings that drag me down like rocks into the ocean. not the nice fluffy feelings that help me to remember that the world is still beautiful. the feelings connected to the abuse memories. … Continue reading

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being ok with my new internal system

it has been almost a week. i think. of living with the “new to me” internal system. things are not that different. they really aren’t. the knowledge of how my life works is still accessible. i went to work. the … Continue reading

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integration aftermath

this past week has brought about the aftermath of integration within my internal system. there have been a few different reactions from different parts. the first one was shock. a reaction from the core part of the system. being kept … Continue reading

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it has been difficult to write lately. i wanted to talk a little bit about secrecy. it is something that has been ingrained into my system. it is part of the way i have survived for such a long time. compartmentalized. … Continue reading

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mapping the village

hi everyone.  i thought it might be wise to talk about mapping parts. we have done a lot of this in therapy. we mapped our basic layout of parts. who are the main parts. we started with a list. and … Continue reading

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