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Pandora’s box

I thought today I would write about the Pandora’s box which has been opened inside. This is always a very dangerous thing. We never know what will come out. If we can close the lid again. The box was opened … Continue reading

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Shake it off

There is no picture with this post. I cannot show you what I see inside. I have been busy doing stuff today. I built my desk and tidied our room. It looks much bigger now. I got organised about where … Continue reading

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When people don’t listen

This is a picture of brownies my littles made. Something nice for them to do while we try to handle the chaos inside. Because it is chaos. 3/4 of my active parts are integrating. That is roughly 90 parts. Which … Continue reading

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Things are shifting inside again. that familiar feeling that happens when parts finish integrating. A feeling of normal I guess. We begin to function better as a team. I have been very unsettled and afraid during this process. The process … Continue reading

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there are integrations afoot. so we are tired and not all together

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falling on my face

This picture of my hand is to remind me that it’s my hand. Last night someone else was using my hand to drink alcohol. While I thought I was sleeping. Not impressed. So this is my hand. Regardless of who … Continue reading

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new littles

I love this picture of a Mia cat. They are so little and cute. I just want to hug them and stroke their soft fur like a cat. We have new littles. It has been a while since a little … Continue reading

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