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As I thought earlier, nothing comes without strings. Instead of talking I now get txt from said housemates. Txt that inform me that they will be paying less rent and want to stay for the next rental month. When I … Continue reading

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Stretched to breaking point

This is how I feel right now. Like the bubble in the lava lamp in the picture. Stretched and about to split in two. Things at home have become almost unbearable. My two housemates have decided that they want to … Continue reading

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Pandora’s box

I thought today I would write about the Pandora’s box which has been opened inside. This is always a very dangerous thing. We never know what will come out. If we can close the lid again. The box was opened … Continue reading

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When people don’t listen

This is a picture of brownies my littles made. Something nice for them to do while we try to handle the chaos inside. Because it is chaos. 3/4 of my active parts are integrating. That is roughly 90 parts. Which … Continue reading

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Things are shifting inside again. that familiar feeling that happens when parts finish integrating. A feeling of normal I guess. We begin to function better as a team. I have been very unsettled and afraid during this process. The process … Continue reading

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I am surrounded by littles today. Little voices saying all kinds of things. “I want my giraffe.” “We watch tv now” “I don’t want to get up” It makes me smile. I was feeling kinda sad about how lonely it … Continue reading

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falling on my face

This picture of my hand is to remind me that it’s my hand. Last night someone else was using my hand to drink alcohol. While I thought I was sleeping. Not impressed. So this is my hand. Regardless of who … Continue reading

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