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new littles

I love this picture of a Mia cat. They are so little and cute. I just want to hug them and stroke their soft fur like a cat. We have new littles. It has been a while since a little … Continue reading

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beginning again

the cycle has begun again. New memories from our littles. inside adults sigh. why is there always more. we have filled a whole book with drawings already. Begun the second book. we helped our littles make a little doll. they … Continue reading

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Talking littles

Today my littles started to draw again. The drawings are of horrific abuse. Most of the things my littles draw are. But that is ok. They have not drawn since the end of October. So we are all glad that … Continue reading

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sand tray

My littles did a sand tray in our last therapy session. Which led us to memories about our dog. Allowed us to process some grief over her death. Ended in revealing a memory of abuse by some men in a … Continue reading

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its been hard lately. we have had a lot of stuff come up in therapy. my little’s are feeling very safe with G. they answer her questions straight away and have no problem relaying the most horrific details of the … Continue reading

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Team little

It has been a long couple of days. Lots of sleeping and memory recovery. I have discovered that I have a team of parts who are like paramedics for my littles. A new little will come forward. Usually in great … Continue reading

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little ones finding us

my inner little ones pointed out that it might be a good idea to talk about how each of them found the rest of us inside. after initially being found by our first little one, this process happened again and … Continue reading

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