We had therapy the other day. Our G is retiring soon. We have been seeing her for 4 years. The last year in conjunction with F. Littles feel sad, because they are little. As a result of this change something big came out in therapy with F. A complete sequence. 

Complete sequences are rare for us. The extent of our abuse is quite horrific. At one stage the full big picture broke G’s brain. This sequence is not sitting well internally. It showed us the limit of our abuse which caused the split creating our dragon. The current accepted theory of animal parts is that they have suffered abuse so horrific that they chose to take non human form, as no human could deal with that kind of abuse. 

The sequence also explains the scar on the back of our head. We have answers to questions without more questions. This is unusual for us. Seeing our limit put us into shock. We had shiatsu afterwards which helped. Things are still unsettled inside. Yoga didn’t ground us which is unusual. 

I feel that if we draw more it may bring up other things. At the moment we are trying to keep everything contained for another two weeks until exams are over. 

Just wanted to let it out here for a minute. 

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