Tiny ninja of positivity

Today I am very reflective. I have decided to share something that makes me smile. In previous years I have had some bad dealings with people. It has had an effect on how cautious I am towards them and others like them. I keep myself to myself. 

Having made the choice to disclose to someone about ‘us’ I was of course apprehensive. I was treated with respect by this person. In fact she seemed much happier after I told her. There was complete acceptance and we simply moved on. I assume that now I made sense to her. 

What I didn’t notice was the tiny ripple that had started inside. Only now am I seeing the rather large effects of this tiny ripple. My littles who are generally amazing until they are not, feel accepted. They are ok with themselves just as they are. They had absolutely no contact with the person we disclosed to. Yet that small action has caused a huge reaction inside. 

Other adult parts are also more settled in themselves. They feel accepted. I have been reminded several times by my T’s to be very careful who I disclose to and I have been. This experience has lead to a slight evolvement internally. 

I know it was just part of her job, I’m not over attaching or anything. That small action has lead to a big change for us. For that we are very grateful. 


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1 Response to Tiny ninja of positivity

  1. Out of the Ashes says:

    Hello Ferals,

    I think of you often. It’s nice to see so many new entries from you. It’s wonderful to see you moving forward and making great strides even if it seems some of them are backward. They are not. You are still such an inspiration to me.

    We are doing well. We finally found the perfect friend for our pony – you remember, the one who loves to play fetch with apples, except he won’t bring them back? He has a new female mate and he is just smitten. She is a tall horse who is much like a budding princess learning to be a great queen. Her name is Ruby which is quite fitting for a mate to Black Beauty. We are still getting to know her likes an dsislikes. She isn’t as playful as Black Beauty but she was a former race horse who never really had a childhood. I am hoping Black Beauty will teach her all his funny games.

    I hope this message finds you doing well and smiling. If your littles want to see pictures of the horses, send me an e-mail.

    Ash and friends

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