The flu

The flu or in other words, run screaming from the body… last out has to look after it!

Not impressed. Our time management is finally working and we get the flu. We all hate the flu. Nothing worse than a sick body. Many parts simply won’t come out. Which take functioning to an all time low. It was pretty much a race once we figured out the body was sick.

David and most our parts are still of theory that we switch into the body. Loading our body maps with us. Therefore, last out has to look after it. After all, we are in our mind and our mind is not sick. The body is.

Needless to say it took hours of negotiation to get started on our huge pile of uni work. Staying at home til we are better. So just chugging through assessments and watching videos of lectures we can’t go to.

Feel a bit less like ass now. Drugs must be working. Will venture out tomorrow for food shopping and tissues. Littles tucked safely away somewhere inside. They only come out for sleep.

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