Third time lucky

I want to share about little’s today. I love my little’s. I spend time with them when I can. We watch cartoons and read stories. We draw and play with toys. There have been a lot of changes for my little’s recently. There has been more ageing, which I am getting used to. One of my little’s is a shield. At first I didn’t understand why. We have had a new little come forward inside. When this happens we go through a night of hot and cold flushes. Fever and nausea. Headaches and unsettledness. It is a quite a process. David says it is because the little is adjusting to being in the present. To being in the body. That this causes the brain to create new pathways. The body integrates all of the memories that the little has been holding. By morning we are back to normal. The little who has come forward is with LC, a little who shields the emanating pain and suffering that comes from unprocessed trauma memories. This means we are able to be around the little without being triggered by their memories. We take our little’s to G and they work on processing their trauma memories and feelings there. I often wonder if it is like this for anyone else. The pain and sickness when a new trauma memory is brought forward.

These thoughts have been floating in my head and I thought I would get them out.


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