shiatsu and it’s role in our therapy


I wanted to write about how shiatsu helps our therapy. Today I had a shiatsu session. 99 out of 100 times we come away feeling refreshed and calm. Today was that one time that we didn’t.

I cannot express how much progress is showing that we can have that one session where we go so deep in a shiatsu session that we are shaken afterwards. We took little george with us because this particular little has been showing up a lot lately and shiatsu helps to process body memories.

We knew that little george held some deep and very traumatic memories from our abuse. We spent the whole session working with little George’s body map. We could feel the ropes on our body. The pain and feelings of hopelessness.

At the end of the session we have a discussion about how everything went with our shiatsu therapist. We felt the familiar pull of derealisation. Lucky for us our shiatsu therapist is trained in talk therapy and we got to sit in her garden and calm ourselves before we drove home. We used deep breathing and a focus app on our phone to calm ourselves. It took us about 15 minutes but we got there. I am so proud of my internal system to be able to trust that we could go to a place so deep in our abuse and be safe in somewhere other than with G or in our cave. There is more work here but I know that everyone is on board to go ahead. Very slowly but ahead.

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2 Responses to shiatsu and it’s role in our therapy

  1. kat says:

    thats wonderful—absol-smurfingly wonderful that you have found something that helpful and can use it 🙂

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