This years distance


I have been reading a lot of my friends blogs and thought it was time I wrote something myself. I have been busy with work and life and awesomeness. Don’t get me wrong there have been some great ups and dizzying downs this year. In retrospect it has been a year of extremes again. I have sat a standardised test for adults who want to study. There was so much switching I felt like I needed a long sleep afterwards. we as a village did pretty well on that test and have now enrolled to study next year. It’s so exciting. One step forward towards the rest of our life. We have processed a lot of trauma memories with G. Our littles are doing really well with this. We have some age sliders that have come forward which is a bit disorienting some times. More rapid ageing from the littles I have known the longest. I think my favourite thing this year is that my dragon has started going to shiatsu. My littles favourite thing is that some of our body memories are gone from being present in the body. G said they will likely come back when we get stressed. G helped our littles wash them off the doll they had drawn them on. That was a day of big smiles inside. We have gotten rid of a lot of the negative in our life and it makes us all happy.

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