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I thought I would write here even though we haven’t been here for a while. We have been super busy with work and life and therapy. We will be studying next year which is exciting. So much has happened.

Our littles are rapid ageing again. Which means things are moving inside. More memories have been shared and littles process the feelings with G. They love G, they get a hug after therapy which is huge for them as touch is a big thing. We have been keeping up with our shiatsu. Which has brought up a lot of new and interesting information for us. Littles come into the body and bring their body memories. Then A clears our energy pathways. Eventually the body memories clear as well. More and more littles and coming to shiatsu. It is helping memories move through and be brought to process in therapy.
We have also been keeping up with our yoga. Which has helped us remain calm and deal with life and other people better.

Overall things are better now. Like this cardboard sheep we have many layers. Deep inside there is a lot of hurt. Our team little are working overtime to help our littles cope with all of memories and feelings coming up. We think they are doing a good job.

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