Little voices squeal “giraffe giraffe”
Hands reach out and I feel the little part leap into the body. That yearning and the satisfaction that comes with acquirement. Giraffe is gently pulled close to the body with both hands. His body against our chest, the back of his head nuzzled against our face. The sweet spot between his mane and his ear is where absolute peace lies. Here the world does not exist. Only us and giraffe. My littles will not sleep without giraffe. Without him peace does not exist. They cannot sleep even with our purple dragon (internal part) present. Giraffe is their physical protector. With him everything is right with the world. With him they are safe. Giraffe only recently became a him. It is now safe enough with G our therapist for giraffe to be a him. Giraffe is well cuddled but my littles don’t care. As long as giraffe is there when they want to sleep that is all that matters. I wonder how something so simple can make so much difference. Then I remember that I am just happy my littles can sleep. No more nightmares every night. Just giraffe and peace.

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2 Responses to Sleep

  1. Bourbon says:

    You guys have giraffes, we have an elephant. I’m so thankful we have all found some comfort in our lives finally xx

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