Post integration tangles


As I write this my internal blocker is holding back my name. Since the integrations began is had been a game of guess who inside.

I believe the integrations have completed. Partly because everything seems to have calmed down. Partly because I can feel other parts inside with me. The internal commentary has started up again. Always makes me smile.

I am hoping that at some point my internal blocker stops and lets us know who is who. I would like to know who, of the 120 parts who went into integration, came back in the final fourty.

A few of my littles have become “teenagers”. This is a new and interesting experience. We are always hungry. Mostly grumpy and sleep a lot. 🙂

Many of my smaller littles have aged a year or so. New littles are emerging into our co consciousness. They bring with them new body memories and a lot of emotions. I am used to this process and have the tools I need to find my way through it.

My insides feel the twisted cables in the road case in the picture. All smushed and funky.

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4 Responses to Post integration tangles

  1. Bourbon says:

    Just dropping off a little package of safe hugs and care xox

  2. Out of the Ashes says:

    Really glad to hear from you on this blog again. You are all in my thoughts regularly. Love – always.

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