So things have finally calmed down. We don’t normally let littles write posts here. We don’t want to silence them, this has just been a space for adults. I guess they needed some connection. We have a place for them to write and connect with others. They just have to have an adult part with them. Which I guess is kinda hard when we are all sleeping.

Back to the story at hand. Things are moving forward with the exit of housemates. Paperwork has been lodged. Costs have been informed. We were very clear about no staying past the vacate date. We need our space and also time to have the place cleaned before searching for new housemates.

Some integrations have concluded. Some parts have come back. We didn’t realise because they are so different. Our David has returned. We have missed him. He is different again. More rounded at the edges.

We are excited about the returning of parts. It means becoming more stable. Being able to do more life stuff. Like food shopping and socialising. We have been working on our garden and cleaning our house. Which has been very therapeutic.

I hope this means we will be writing here more.

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