So this post is a big sigh of relief. Finally. The real estate came today to see about the door. And everything got sorted out. Both housemates will be leaving and the real estate are willing to allow me to be the sole lease bearer but have others move in. As long as they fill out an application form so that the real estate know who is living there. That way if anything happens I can just ask them to leave. Having two women come into the house and tell me that they wanted to make sure I was safe and everything was ok felt really good. Having someone on my side is new for me. I am relieved and mostly calm. I just have to talk to female housemate about money she owes being paid before she vacates. I have been through everything with the male housemate already. It was very simple. Also I heard back from the university. Things are moving on all fronts. It feels good not to feel so stuck. I am halfway to awesome.


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2 Responses to Light

  1. kat says:

    im so glad the roommate situation is finally being resolved! and even better, in your favor! whoo-hoo! glad you are feeling progress happening now. be sure to stop and enjoy these moments 🙂

  2. Out of the Ashes says:

    Oh, I am so relieved for you and happy too.

    Much love,
    Ash and Co.

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