As I thought earlier, nothing comes without strings. Instead of talking I now get txt from said housemates. Txt that inform me that they will be paying less rent and want to stay for the next rental month. When I say want, I mean they have decided to inform me. They have decided since agreeing to move out to change the terms and think I can do nothing about it.

I am not a nice, passive part of our system. I did however seek advice from a good friend about what to do. So I have questioned why they are discussing rent for next month as they will be gone by the end of this rental month. I have received no response. The solution to their issue is simple. Put your stuff in storage ad find a couch to crash on until you get a new place. I don’t want them here. They don’t want to be here. If I need to I can finally use the real estate to have them removed.

What I don’t understand is why would you stay. If it was me I would be out the door as fast as possible.

As a system we are holding on. Just. We txt and talk to friends. Keep our cool and simply bide our time. We are still frozen mid integration. Still working with a skeleton system. This whole experience is triggering our littles a lot. All of the time. We are managing to keep them calm and function. I am not dealing with this for another month on top of the next 19 days. Hell no.

I write here because it one of very few places I can just let it all out. I hope this is over soon.

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