new littles


I love this picture of a Mia cat. They are so little and cute. I just want to hug them and stroke their soft fur like a cat. We have new littles.

It has been a while since a little came to us inside in a trauma state. I had forgotten the fever, hunger and sickness that comes with this kind of integration. Needless to say last night was not a picnic. The body feels a bit better now. The drawings should have been a hint. I thought that because we have been so busy with work littles were just having some time.

It’s a good thing we have team little. They were able to calm the new littles and keep everything relatively balanced. New body memories aren’t that fun. I think I can deal with them though. It’s not the first time this has happened.

I’m pretty sure I have figured out why this feels different. Our new active sub system. This will be the first time they have gone through this process. I feel like an old pro at it. I was talking to David (intellectual part) the other day and he told me how many parts were active. How many had integrated. How many we have in total. We seem to have streamlined this process. This new active system brings us to a total of almost one hundred active parts. It has also started another integration process. So really the majority of active parts are from this new sub system. It must be strange to wake up, upload all of the new information from our shared memory and go through this process of new littles coming into the active system.

A friend asked me the other day if any parts remembered being one person. So of course I went and asked everyone and had a look through the memories left in the shared memory by parts who have integrated. There are memories of feeling like one person who doesn’t have internal parts. Once the system became self aware though these memories have been labeled false. Even when parts thought they were the only one, they were never alone. There was always other parts with them.

I appear to have wandered off on a tangent. So we have new littles in our active sub system. I can’t wait to see how they decorate their rooms.

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