beginning again


the cycle has begun again. New memories from our littles. inside adults sigh. why is there always more.

we have filled a whole book with drawings already. Begun the second book. we helped our littles make a little doll. they liked the idea of making a representation of them. it is sitting between giraffe (the green giraffe on the left) and Douglas (the little orange giraffe on the right). wearing a hoodie and pants that we made from an old hoodie. we have a larger doll on which the littles drew all of their hurts. they like this new one better. I would too.

when the memories started coming again giraffe began appearing next to me when I woke up in the morning. it’s our signal that littles are having nightmares again. so out come the textas and the drawing book.

this cycle happens so often now that it has become a chance to try out new coping mechanisms and work on helping littles cope with feelings. helping littles find a space in the current time. learn to sit with feelings and learn new responses to old behaviors.

I am noticing the change in how we as a system approach new trauma memories. we are more together. unified as a team. Comfortable in our tools and how to use them.

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2 Responses to beginning again

  1. Bourbon says:

    Bittersweet. ‘Bitter’ that you have to go through this. But ‘sweet’ as you feel you are coming together more to deal with it all as a team. 🙂 xx

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