Now I feel the anxiety. Things have shifted and changed inside. There are new parts active. A whole new sub system. I can feel their anxiety.

It is not the wave it once was. Anxiety. It doesn’t wash over me in a huge wave. Devouring everything in sight. Instead it creeps up next to me. Slowly saying hello like an old friend. It wraps it’s arms around me and asks me to sit down. I look anxiety in the face.

It stares back at me. smiles and says, you are not the same. You have changed since we were last together. You are stronger. More confident. More courageous. Even with all of this I am still sitting next to you.

I tell anxiety that it is welcome to come and sit with me. I will not turn anxiety away. Shut it out or deny it. I will sit with anxiety and talk. I will find out why anxiety has come to visit me. I will share anxiety with my T. I will take anxiety with me.

Anxiety doesn’t want to go with me. Once the light of day has been shone into anxieties eyes it runs away. Once I have told anxieties secrets it has no reason to stay.

Today anxiety paid me a visit. Then it went away.

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