house made of straw and other things


in this pic is a house made of some kind of straw or plant or something. what it’s made of isn’t really important. the fact that someone took the time to craft it into being is what I am looking at.

it appears to have two stories. looks kinda cool and maybe I could holiday in it. or at the very least my littles would have the best time ever.

things have been changing both inside and out. we continue to adapt to all of these changes. I guess my question is, will our straw house stand the test of time. will it remain strong or will it wear as it ages.

we have been discussing integration again. mainly because some of our parts did that thing where they integrate and don’t tell the rest of us. I am beginning to think that it’s not a choice. the not telling I mean. I think maybe when a part decides to integrate, they do so immediately. without time to tell the rest of us what is going on. it’s a weird process to turn around and not find parts inside.

I think overall things are going well. I just feel uninformed.

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1 Response to house made of straw and other things

  1. meredith says:

    You’d always have the benefit of mobility… and ample ventilation. Like an organic Winnebago with a cautionary song about tumleweeding as a disclaimer.

    What a great creation… great picture for your post…

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