Normal? How scary…

Been trying to write here everyday.
Today we slept.
Gathered food for wrk for the next week.
Managed to make it healthy food.
Put the bin out.
Maybe this is why therapy continues after integration.
Because normal is so horribly boring and hard to handle.
For about five minutes we connected to some emotions.
Then they went away.
Cleaned a bit today.
Littles were active and happy.
Got a package from a friend for littles for Xmas.
Really did not much.
So incredibly bored.
Used to being all over the shop.
Or shut down and in crisis.
Don’t know what to do with boring and normal.
Am sure things will move in the next few days.
Moving Into day shift at work.
A week or so of a schedule.
We are not used to this.
Now I guess the hard work begins.
Until the next little one with memories comes out.
The next bunch of stuff that needs to be processed.
I hope this isn’t what life is like for people who are one person inside.
That sounds hard and difficult.
Probably not as hard and difficult as processing trauma.

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