Giraffes playing drums

Ok I’m adding this one of the giraffes playing my drum kit.

Once again we have been through a shut down of most of the two active sub systems that make up our current active system. Not including littles who are separate. On the other side of that process now. Things got quite hairy with G our therapist. Somehow she misunderstood what we were telling her and almost caused a catastrophic fail.

That is what I have named a shut down of all active parts but myself. We got down to 10 active parts out of 80 that are normally active. Yes that was as scary as it sounds. We sorted out the misunderstanding with G and she rang our doctor so we could go and not say anything. I have to say that pelvic exams are much easier when Al takes them for us. The ability of male parts to dissociate from the female body parts is awesome sometimes.

After all of that we have come back to everyone who is normally active being active. Which has calmed our littles down to no end. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the giraffes.

Some good news, I believe there are integrations happening among our work parts. Things are getting better. Have been having private yoga lessons with our yoga teacher. Working the yoga with the dissociation. Having explained about our DID and how it works for us, yoga has helped bring everyone back. It helps to calm everyone.

So that is our catch up on what has been happening for us and where we have been.


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