sand tray


My littles did a sand tray in our last therapy session. Which led us to memories about our dog. Allowed us to process some grief over her death. Ended in revealing a memory of abuse by some men in a park.

Should probably warn you this may get triggering.

For the first time one of my littles directly communicated with G. Which is a big step. She couldn’t talk, most of them can’t. But our writer helped her out by writing what she was trying to say.

She brought up a memory of being abused in a park by some adult men. Our dog trying to protect us but being held and beaten by the men.

I felt sad that she and by extension I, had been through this. G helped her put some anger onto the drawings. Also we did some healing stuff. G gave her a hug at the end of the session. Which made all my littles happy as they had asked for a hug by email.

What strikes me about the recent memory recoveries, is that they have all come from parts who are not loyal to the abuser’s. we know that the splits occurred in three different groups. Those terrified. Those loyal to the abuser who were trained to enjoy the abuse. Those who come out after the abuse and feel the shame.
G says that we need to go slowly. That each part will be ready to come forward in their own time. That we will heal the key memories first and other memories will start to heal on their own. That we don’t need to look at every memory but we will heal them all.

This gives us hope. Makes it easier to deal with the feelings and memories coming up in therapy.

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