Upside down plant


Today I think I can squeeze in a quick post.

This is a picture of a bar I went to. More specifically it’s of the ceiling of said bar. There are plants in pots hanging upside down from chains. Like the universe is on its head.

It looks odd and takes a second for the brain to realize that it’s upside down. Then a couple of seconds of reasoning to be ok with the explanation that the plants stay inside the pots even though they are upside down.

Having accepted that it looks wrong but it works, my brain asks if the plants grow faster because they are upside down. How are they watered? How does this really work? I awoke at 0450 this morning. Got up. Showered. Ate and went to work. Just now my brain asked how did that happen.

Am I like the plant who is growing upside down? Is this a natural reaction to my environment? I am tired and grumpy and want to do nothing more than go back to sleep. Still something propels me forward too continue functioning. It feels like I am hanging upside down.

My answer to these questions is that I have parts of myself who take care of the basic functioning. They are the pot that holds the plant in the air. I have other parts who make lists and manage the parts who look after basic functioning. They are the chain that suspends the pot from the ceiling. I have parts who soothe me when I get tired and restless and just want to curl up in a ball and ignore the world. These parts are the soil that nourishes the upside down plant.

If any part of the chain/pot/soil/plant was missing, the upside down plant would be a mess on the floor.

Today I am grateful that I have all of my inside village to help me be an upside down plant.

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3 Responses to Upside down plant

  1. brandic32 says:

    Feral~ what a beautiful analogy. I love this. If I were a plant, I too would consider myself of the upside down variety 🙂

  2. Bourbon says:

    I have never seen anything like it! Fab post xx

  3. i love the parallel you draw…i hope tomorrow is a better day

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