I am never reading my spam mail on here again. It upset me a bit. We come here to write about how we feel and things we process. Our journey through healing.

The comments that were not direct marketing ploys were about how we don’t connect the dots. That is what upset me. Who is anyone else to judge my internal connections. The point of writing here is let it out. A lot of things I haven’t figured out yet. Often there is switching during the writing of a post.

Most of all I don’t have to justify what I write to anyone else. We made our blog public to help others and connect with others in the blog writing community.

If you don’t like what any of us have written, don’t read it. Don’t take the time to write comments about how to get a bigger audience or what you think is missing from my blog. My writing comes from inside. It is one of the only things that is pure and untainted inside. It is my heart. Which is keeps beating to keep me going in this life.

I’ve said it. I won’t repeat this post. I will just delete anything in my spam without reading it.

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3 Responses to Spam

  1. Carol anne says:

    I’m sorry you got upset hon. you shouldnt read the spam comments. wordpress catches them for a reason and its a good reason. they arent worth reading. if they are in spam, more than likely they belong there. safe hugs…

    Carol anne

  2. Bourbon says:

    I can guarantee you that those spam messages you’ve received are not personal at all. Even the ones about what you are missing on your blog. I can guarantee you that I have received a carbon copy of the spam messages you are talking about. Those spam messages are not written for the author in mind. They are just a way of getting their site and their link onto the Internet for some publicity. I don’t know if youve noticed but they are all very vague. They never use specifics about your blog and they never use your username or name of your blog. These messages go flying out to everyone. Their content is worthless. I check spam because for some reason certain people’s comments keep going there. But please don’t think any of that other rubbish is personal to you. Believe me it isn’t. X

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