What do you mean it’s not Monday any more?

I have been absent without notice. No one told me I wasn’t here. It has been about four or five days I think. Maybe more. We switched and went to work, my work alters love that. Then when we got home my littles had some time playing and drawing. It seems this cycle was repeated for the duration of my absence.

I have asked why this happened and the response is that we are safer at work. Also my littles need to process feelings and memories. Apparently that is all we have had time for. It seems my littles like going to work as well. Not doing our job but randomly appearing in the middle of work for a few seconds and then disappearing again. Trying not to reveal too much, we work at heights. So I guess it’s like climbing a tree as a kid. They are never alone, we make sure that they are never in any danger. So glad we are able to have an adult co conscious with them.

Work has previously been an avoidance for us. A way to not feel or deal with the outside world. Some of us were happy that way. I was not. I miss writing at 0300. Who needs sleep anyway?

So I am writing this because I have time as others are late to work. I will make it pretty later with colour and a picture.
It’s good to be back.

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2 Responses to What do you mean it’s not Monday any more?

  1. Out of the Ashes says:

    I’m glad you are back too. Missed you. Will catch up with you in a few days. You’re ever in my heart.

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