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Team little

It has been a long couple of days. Lots of sleeping and memory recovery. I have discovered that I have a team of parts who are like paramedics for my littles. A new little will come forward. Usually in great … Continue reading

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catch up

ok so things are a bit rocky. that’s ok. internet has been on and off. have been a little overwhelmed by littles and memory recovery lately. is slowing but the memories are fairly volatile. moving much deeper into the abuse. … Continue reading

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Littles like

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Littles like

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Opening the box

We have been silent for a while. Today was a big day for us. Had not seen G in a month. G is our therapist. Have been working a lot and talking inside. Keeping a balance and letting everyone have … Continue reading

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Warning, danger is imminent

Today I am fragmented. I am split. I am compartmentalized. Some of my parts are acting on their own. Normally this would be cause for alarm. Not today. My internal system has delegated things to different parts. Everything is covered. … Continue reading

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Upside down plant

Today I think I can squeeze in a quick post. This is a picture of a bar I went to. More specifically it’s of the ceiling of said bar. There are plants in pots hanging upside down from chains. Like … Continue reading

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