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Team little

It has been a long couple of days. Lots of sleeping and memory recovery. I have discovered that I have a team of parts who are like paramedics for my littles. A new little will come forward. Usually in great … Continue reading

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catch up

ok so things are a bit rocky. that’s ok. internet has been on and off. have been a little overwhelmed by littles and memory recovery lately. is slowing but the memories are fairly volatile. moving much deeper into the abuse. … Continue reading

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Littles like

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Littles like

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Opening the box

We have been silent for a while. Today was a big day for us. Had not seen G in a month. G is our therapist. Have been working a lot and talking inside. Keeping a balance and letting everyone have … Continue reading

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Warning, danger is imminent

Today I am fragmented. I am split. I am compartmentalized. Some of my parts are acting on their own. Normally this would be cause for alarm. Not today. My internal system has delegated things to different parts. Everything is covered. … Continue reading

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Upside down plant

Today I think I can squeeze in a quick post. This is a picture of a bar I went to. More specifically it’s of the ceiling of said bar. There are plants in pots hanging upside down from chains. Like … Continue reading

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Shift work

Yesterday I felt a bit like this picture. Frazzled and with candy stuck to me. Reaching for something I can’t see. I’m doing long days at work this week. Which means less sleep. Also less shared time for everyone inside. … Continue reading

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I am never reading my spam mail on here again. It upset me a bit. We come here to write about how we feel and things we process. Our journey through healing. The comments that were not direct marketing ploys … Continue reading

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A conversation with Bourbon from crazy in the coconut has prompted this post. My littles see them selves with the scars of abuse. These scars are not hidden. To them these scars are in plain sight. Everyone can see them. … Continue reading

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