the circus is in town

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Ladies and Gentlemen! come one come all! its that time again……. time for feelings!!!!

is what i would say if i wasn’t still curled in a ball on my couch. i have ideas. i have the will to get up and go. its just that i am one part in an internal system made up of many parts. a lot of those parts are going through acceptance/denial,  some parts are going through grieving of changing therapists. still more parts are in the cycle of being unstable at having our T go on holiday for a week. 

so my wanting to get up and enjoy the sunshine is somewhat dampened by the feelings of everyone else in my body. i have taken this into consideration. i am being kind and caring to those parts and allowing them to go through their emotions. process them and hopefully come out the other side. i am sitting back in my internal hammock with a bright coloured drink.

a wise woman once said to me that people travel at different speeds. she said it was the same inside a DID system. i think she was right. my other parts are all at different stages of this wonderful journey of feelings.

i guess it has to be that way. so that some parts can grieve and be depressed, then other parts can get up and go to work. it makes me wonder how singletons, or people with single identity disorder as i like to call them, manage to get on with life when they are curled up on the couch.

we have become more in touch with feelings lately. part of the process i guess.

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6 Responses to the circus is in town

  1. starclub1 says:

    What a great analogy! I love it.

    Keep feeling the feelings, it helps!

    Carol anne xo

  2. Bourbon says:

    That wise woman speaks a lot of truth about my system too – we definitely need to learn to appreciate everyone’s speeds though. Thanks – great post!

  3. Feral,

    Found this very helpful, you have, in a way, explained what is going on inside me as well. Much love, friend.

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