i’m it? what? tag!

a while back brandic32 tagged us. i am just now finding this. raises eyebrow at internal system… i like to do these things. i think they are fun. its time for fun. 🙂

Rules –

  1. You must post the rules (check!)
  2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post (check!)
  3. Create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged (check!)
  4. Tag (eleven) people with a link to your post (This question confuses me. Did they mean to say “their” post? If so then, check!)
  5. Let them know they’ve been tagged (I will!)

i have left this unedited. because.

1. If we live on after we die, and we are able to take one object with us (not human or animal, sorry), what would you take and why?

our stuffed giraffe. that’s assuming i die now. and my internal system goes on intact. my little’s would be lost without giraffe. i get lost even with gps.

2. Have you seen a good movie recently? (within the last year-ish) Please describe what it is about this movie that you liked.

to be honest, no. the movie’s i have seen didn’t impress me.

3. If someone gave you $1,000 – or 1,000 pounds, or 1,000 euros, etc depending on where you live – and you weren’t allowed to “invest it”, how would you spend it?

i would donate it to the place i had my initial counselling. earmark it for alternative therapies. its where i found yoga, which helps me when i get really sad.

4. Are you a morning person or a night person? Why do you prefer this time of day?

i’m a night person. i don’t like crowds. i don’t really have much to do with people at work. at night time i find there are less people.

5. If you could have your dream job, what would it be?

i already have my dream job. 🙂

6. If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life (and have no other access to any other music), what music album would you choose?

static x, cult of static. sweet metal.

7. Are you a fan of fireworks?

why yes. explosives are fun. i like the pretty colours

8. If you could have a painting of anything on your wall, what would you want it to be of?

a hammock on a secluded beach while the sun sets.

9. Is there anything special you like to keep at your bedside?

my red lava lamp. so calming when i wake up.

10. What do you like to order when you go to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts or [substitute another favorite coffee/tea place here]?

triple shot espresso with 2 sugars.

11. If you had the ability to be part human and part animal, and possess the best/strongest/most admirable traits of this animal in addition to the skills and traits you already possess, which animal would you want to morph with and why?

a dragon. who doesn’t want to fly and breathe fire.

ok, 11 new questions.

1. favourite childhood toy and why?

2. if you won lotto (or appropriate lottery reference for your country) what would be the first thing you would buy?

3. dream holiday location and why?

4. name one thing you have made with your own hands.

5. if a movie was made about your life, what would the title be?

6. what is the first thing you learned to cook?

7. most dangerous thing you have ever done?

8. have you heard of the sport extreme ironing? if not, google and tell me what you think.

9. if you could do something nice for a stranger, what would it be?

10. best book you have ever read?

11. name your best quality.

will post then tag then edit…oh the complicatedness. so a word!

 i have tagged:

out of the ashes

The Depressed Moose







vvoop vwoop

Daniel Abram

Lady Romp

that’s 11 right?

ok, go!

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1 Response to i’m it? what? tag!

  1. starclub1 says:

    I tagged you back! See latest post as I cant make the link appear ug! xo

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