pondering’s about internal systems



hello. i have decided to write. as we allow more things from inside to be known to feral, we agreed to be able to write about them here. so i would like to talk about internal system structure.

every persons internal system is different. because every persons abuse and reaction to that abuse is different. internal systems are created to help and protect the person from situations which they cannot handle or escape. namely trauma.

in our internal system, as a whole structure. there are many internal sub systems. divided into functioning groups of parts who work as communities. as is stated in the movie highlander “There can be only one.” active primary system that is. there can be hundreds of parts inside and we are not unhappy about that.

for us this means that each system has similar parts in it. so that each system can operate and function in the world we live in. in the body we live in. there are intellectual parts, work parts, nurturing parts, business parts, social parts. everything someone might need to make a whole person. they have different names and function inside as well as they do outside. its almost like we have an internal sub system for each way we could have turned out.

i guess my question is this, why do we have so many sub systems? i can understand why there are so many sub systems of little parts. i get the splitting and how it occurred. but we seem to have backup sub system after backup sub system. why would i need so many? are they one by one going to fail and freeze like my day system?

which still perplexes me. a few parts from that day system have become “unfrozen” but most of that system are still hidden inside. i imagine that they will be unhappy when they come back to reality with the rest of us.

has anyone else pondered this or have any opinions on the subject?

image credit: my iphone vs computer


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