Getting off the couch


This post has been inspired by Bourbon. I read her blog

Bourbon is valiantly trying to kick herself up the ass. I know that came out wrong but just read a little more. She has inspired some of us in here to kick ourselves up the ass. Wait for it . . . And get off the couch, out of the house and back into life.

As I write this all I can hear are stifled giggles inside. This picture I took of a beautiful sun set, happened over an almost empty car park. There are so many spaces I could park my car in. Which one do I choose?

Having my wonderful internal system means that we have many well developed skills inside. The trouble is, now getting off the couch and facing the world, which one do we choose. Where do we park our car with so many choices.

I have realized that I can do anything in life. We are pulling each other in different directions. We should be working together to move forward. Something I hope we can do in the future.

I guess this raises more questions for us than answers. Things I will ponder in my hammock. Totally got that final pun in.

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6 Responses to Getting off the couch

  1. starclub1 says:

    Love your blog and am going to folllow it. Way to go you guys, getting up and moving. And, you take the best pictures, and, thank you for describing them? As I cant see.

    So it is helpful to know what the images are of.

    Carol anne of manyofus

  2. Bourbon says:

    You go all!! So glad you are giving your asses a kick too :p That picture is gorgeous. So happy to read this post 🙂 xx

    • feral55 says:

      seeing what looks like pink and orange snow capped mountains in the sky helped us to realize that there is so much out there. thanks for leading the charge Bourbon. x

      • Bourbon says:

        Thanks for returning it. I’m now inspired by your inspiredness! happy fever 🙂 x

  3. Out of the Ashes says:


    So glad to see you feeling some relief and getting out of the sorrow you’ve been in for what seems to me, like quite a while. I am glad to have found you via blog and now I can get to know you even better. As always, with much respect and admiration. Your grace is inspiring.

    With love,
    Ash and my pony too.

    • feral55 says:

      thanks Ash,
      hopefully out of the pit so to speak.
      maybe next time i won’t be in there so long.
      we all like to read your blog, its so honest.

      much love, feral

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