iphone vs laptop. also carventures.




today i set an alarm and got out of bed. small victories. i went to shiatsu.  i drove through peak hour traffic to get home. normally this would drive some of us insane. but not so much today.

yes someone got angry with the slow drivers and the lengthy time it took to get home. but we decided that tomorrow we are going on a carventure. a car adventure. i’m thinking long walking track, lots of green bush and a waterfall. i know just the place. away from the city. its not school holidays and i don’t think it will rain tomorrow. better check though. will pack a lunch and take a backpack. have txt the girls who normally go on carventures with me. it will be nice to just be in nature.

i say this with the added push of setting an alarm in my phone to wake me up. making the journey outside to the shops in the next half an hour to get supplies. and checking the weather for tomorrow.

ok so there is an 80% chance of rain. it may have passed by the time i get up…

i’m still going i will take a raincoat. the bush smells great when it rains. i am not giving up hope. i have one confirmed car buddy.

this is a picture of the waterfall i want to go to. its skinny but a long drop and flows into a decent pool of water. i took the picture from the viewing platform at the bottom. its awesome.

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4 Responses to iphone vs laptop. also carventures.

  1. Bourbon says:

    That is so beautiful

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