gyno n stuff

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so i have been to the gyno. we have been to the gyno. what an experience. she is well versed in making sure the client feels safe and trusts her. the problem was. the male parts came in for the pelvic exam. so we didn’t feel anything. and they just don’t care for small talk. they wanted to get on the table and have it over with. but gyno wanted to make sure that we felt safe and trusted her. which ended up in switching to converse with her.

but the pelvic exam was ok. we made it through. the results were, without going into gory details, helpful to us. there was evidence of trauma. which can never be good. although we are more peaceful and settled inside. there is a greater acceptance of what is being revealed inside. we are better prepared for any reactions from any parts.

so despite the backlash of lounging on the couch, we are doing ok. and all in all are better for going to the gyno.

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2 Responses to gyno n stuff

  1. Bourbon says:

    You did well with managing that….. hope you are still doing ok x

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