stuff in my head

today i am all feelings. not extreme feelings but lots of feelings. if i had extreme feelings i don’t think i would get out of bed. we have had some more memory recovery. it has shocked those of us who were not aware. i guess i should start processing this stuff.

i am starting to feel temperature again. its such a small thing but i have never really felt hot or cold. lately i am beginning to have sensations of being very cold. quite possibly someone’s body memories. i have had a lot of body memories lately.

 what do you do when you are just surviving. this is a normal that i am used to. one area of life balances out and then another one becomes unbalanced. continuing to flow between under stress and totally awesome. i think its like the fine print of DID. 

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1 Response to stuff in my head

  1. Bourbon says:

    Memory recovery is so hard. Thinking of you x

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