rapid switching

i wanted to write about rapid switching. it happens to my internal system when we get stressed. i guess we can’t figure out who is better suited to handle the situation. or maybe everyone thinks they should have a go? i was curious if anyone else experiences rapid switching? or has an opinion on why it occurs?

my old T once said to me that it is a slowed down version of what happens inside usually. i have never noticed this in our switching process before. we seem to just switch when someone has an opinion. or if we are at work the work parts switch in. the parts who normally deal with particular things switch in to deal with those situations.  is it possible that inside the parts roladex as such is spun until the right part for the situation is found?

when we get stressed there is a great feeling of anxiety. a panic. perhaps everyone tries to pitch in and help? or shove others out of the way because they think only they can handle the situation? there are so many possible answers to this question. my insides are like a group of people outside. complicated and every one is different.

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8 Responses to rapid switching

  1. Serenne says:

    We also experience it in times of high stress or triggers. Like you, when we’re ok our switching is pretty accurate depending on who is needed and what the task is or if someone just feels like coming out. I think it’s just the brain going into panic mode and just trying to get someone out. You know how when you have a panic attack your breathing goes weird? I think of it like a DID version of that – your brain is just going a bit loopy. In our system anyway, it’s definitely not because everyone wants a go because when rapid switching does occur, there are system members out who don’t want to be, or who are dangerous to the body.

    Sorry we are rambling now but hope some of that makes sense.

    -Ren & Kaye

  2. Bourbon says:

    I call it ‘the carousel’. But yes rapid switching is definitely a sign of high stress for us. I’m not sure why either – whether it’s because I lose my very strong hold on the consciousness thus allowing others to come through easily… Not sure. X

  3. we’ve definitely had this happen, though thankfully it’s not common. it occurs only when we’re really stressed. usually it’s because there are many different alters who have strong feelings about what is happening, so while our little may want to curl up with a stuffie, our angry alter wants to yell at whoever triggered us over the edge, maybe our self-harm alter blames herself and wants to reduce stress her way, and then of course one of our more stable alters, a protector/host will be able to front and calm everyone down (or at least keep the body safe).
    it’s distressing to us, but usually it’s not a long process.

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