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my body does not lie

image credit google i have been holding inside so many things.  yet again yesterday something threatened to bring my world crashing down.  sometimes the truth is harder to hear than a lie. i wish my world would just lie to … Continue reading

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i’m it? what? tag!

a while back brandic32 tagged us. i am just now finding this. raises eyebrow at internal system… i like to do these things. i think they are fun. its time for fun. 🙂 Rules – You must post the rules (check!) … Continue reading

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the circus is in town

image credit: google Ladies and Gentlemen! come one come all! its that time again……. time for feelings!!!! is what i would say if i wasn’t still curled in a ball on my couch. i have ideas. i have the will … Continue reading

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host part(s)?

i have a sore point. we talked internally and agreed i could write about it here and ask for other peoples opinions. the concept of “host part(s)”. my internal system doesn’t have any. i’ve looked. spent hours reading stuff about … Continue reading

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peeling me off the floor

i want to say that i woke up when my alarm went off and i got into my car and drove into the rain. but i didn’t my alarm went off and i received a txt from confirmed friend, who … Continue reading

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iphone vs laptop. also carventures.

    today i set an alarm and got out of bed. small victories. i went to shiatsu.  i drove through peak hour traffic to get home. normally this would drive some of us insane. but not so much today. … Continue reading

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Getting off the couch

This post has been inspired by Bourbon. I read her blog Bourbon is valiantly trying to kick herself up the ass. I know that came out wrong but just read a little more. She has inspired some of us … Continue reading

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